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Buyback Information

The AU Bookstore is always in the market to purchase textbooks back from students.  At the end of each major semester, the Bookstore conducts a major buy and offers 50% of the new book price for those titles we know we will need in the upcoming term.  During a major buy, what we purchase and the price we offer is directly impacted by what is ordered for the upcoming term.  Without the necessary adoption information, the best we can do is offer students a price that is set by a used book distributor based on supply and demand on other campuses (nationwide).

Next Major Semester-End-Retail Buyback will be April 25 thru May 3, 2018 on Main Campus. The Seminary and Conard Cafe Bookstores are not set up for buyback but students may sell back on main campus.

To better serve you, a Buyback Online program is available from this website. You simply click on the icon, type in the ISBN of the book you would like to check the value of, and you will be able to see the current market value of your textbook 24/7. You may also sell your books back directly to this site as well. Buyback Online is easy and convenient and will pay all shipping fees.